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In Only 1 Day, Discover The Secrets To Starting A Six Figure Box Truck Business... With No CDL or Prior Experience!

  Date: March 18th 11AM - 3PM EST


  Date: February 11th 10AM-2PM EST

In Only 1 Day, Discover The Secrets To Starting A Six Figure Box Truck Business... With No CDL or Prior Experience!

Here Is What You'll Learn: 
  • How To Make $100,000+ Per Year With Your Own Transportation Company!
  • ​How To Become Your Own Boss And Make Your Own Schedule For More Time Freedom!
  • How To Automate Your Transportation Business So That You Don't Have To Drive A Mile!

Join The  1 Day Seminar 
For A Chance To Win:

Prizes and Surprises

A Day Of Strategic Teaching

During this 1-day event, learn Tammi & Sheldon's process they have used to help HUNDREDS of individuals (just like you) start their own transportation company.

Learn How To

Build A Six Figure Trucking Mindset

Learn How 

Freight Is Hauled in A Box Truck 

Learn How

To Bid On Freight 

Learn About

Start Up Costs 

Meet Your Mentors

Sheldon & Tammi Moore

Sheldon and Tammi Moore are a dynamic duo who, in less than three years, have become a dominant force in a specialty niche in the billion-dollar trucking industry. They exemplify success in the cargo/sprinter van and box trucking industry offering a full slate of services including freight delivery, business coaching, training, and dispatch training.
With God-given vision, razor-sharp focus, and astute industry insight, they have founded not only one trucking company but several. Yael Transportation, LLC, is their trucking business. ATruckerpreneur is a coaching and training business teaching clients how to start a trucking company. 
Sheldon, best known as Coach Sheldon, was a top car salesman for 20 years before he began his trucking career. After driving 18-wheelers for other companies, his entrepreneurial spirit came calling and he founded Yael Transportation.
Tammi, a successful healthcare executive with big pharma companies, never
considered the transportation field until she received a prophecy from her minister that she would work in transport. With help from Sheldon, Tammi founded WJMR Transportation (named for her children).
She now serves as CFO of ATruckerpreneur managing finance, administration, marketing and staff. Together they have gained a reputation for industry excellence and a nationwide following that has helped their business explode.
Despite their success, both share a higher calling – in ministry. It is their mutual love of God that brought them together and serves as the foundation for their successful marriage.
They are thankful to God for enlarging their territory and they are committed to giving back through their ministry and by helping others grow in the trucking industry. Their coaching and counsel have resulted in launching more than 600 truckerpreneur businesses! Since COVID!

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  • Date: February 11th from 11AM -3PM EST
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Here's What's Included:

  • Access To The Exclusive 1 Day Seminar FB Group (Viewing ONLY)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This 1 Day Seminar For?
This 1 Day Seminar is for anyone seeking knowledge on how to enter and grow in the Box Truck, Sprinter/Cargo Van transportation business.
How Much Is This Seminar?
There are 2 options to participate in the  Seminar:
Option  1. $59 for General Access admission – attend via Facebook Live
Option  2. $199 for Priority Access admission – Exclusive Q&A session
with the Coaches, during the scheduled course.
Is This A Live Event?
Yes, Priority Access participants will be live  via Zoom and for General Admission participants the session will be streamed live in our exclusive Facebook group!
What If I Can't Make It ?
It’s ok, replays will be available daily for up to 7 days after the Seminar ends.

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